The story of a photographer making one photograph a day for 2017. 

Sniffle, Sniffle

It's days like today when I am glad that I drive a modern car now. I'm a bit under the weather and let's just say the weather is a bit under itself today . I've come too appreciate the ability to get in my car, turn on the heated seats, adjust the classical music station to the right volume, and enjoy my drive home. Driving is where I get to do some of my best thinking, in fact most of the posts on this very blog have been "written" while I'm in the car. The commute home isn't the most exciting drive, it's not like I'm driving a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta through the Alps... I have a Fiat and the New Jersey Turnpike. I have come to the conclusion however that one of the ways to enjoy your life is to have a vivid imagination.

I like writing, I suck at it but I like it. I have opinions on the world, Tori will attest to that, she listens to me all of the time. However I've never wanted my photography to some form of political or social commentary. Theres enough of that on Facebook... I often have unfinished thoughts like the one you're reading now (hah!) but as I said yesterday "there are no rules!"